Arkor the Soulforger

Pictured as a fiery haired and bearded man, stripped to the waist, impossibly powerful, working the forge, Arkor is worshipped by most of Yaros

Arkor is less of a Patriarchal figure than similar deities, like Zeus or Odin, and really has no control over what the other gods do. They're not really closely knit that way. Rather, Arkor is a common deity because every craftstman prays to him, every village has at least a shrine to him, and as the father of the beloved Goddess Mirea the Lightsinger, he is revered by all the goodly races.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Symbol: Hammer

God of Craft, Creation, Fire, Wrath

Portfolio: Light, War

Arkor the Soulforger

Whispers in the Forest knighthall